Do you find it difficult to choose the most suitable Home Paint Color for the room in your house? Do not worry! This confusion is indeed felt by everyone, almost everyone experiences it.

In choosing a good home paint color, various factors need to be considered, starting from the color combination, the type of room, and the color of the furniture.

So, it’s not just a change of the color paint but also changes the whole atmosphere of the room. For example, a narrow room can instantly turn to be spacious, comfortable just by changing the wall paint color.

However, not everyone can combine several colors to be an attractive appearance in their home. Therefore you need to think of several steps so that the choice of color doesn’t go wrong. Here is a review of the steps you can take when choosing your Home Paint Color.

1. Use the color combination you like

The use of a good house paint color also depends on your taste. It doesn’t have to be regulated by the standard that is generally used. If you have other inspiration based on your personal choices don’t hesitate to apply them to your home.

Make sure you make a color design that fits the concept in the house. Usually, people will choose neutral colors for 80% of the walls of their homes and complete 20% with other bolder colors. Though it doesn’t have to be that way. Bold colors can be chosen to impress the warmth of your home. Here are some tips for choosing the right color.

– Try to choose a color that consists of some of your favorite colors

– Color does not have to be flashy because it can be neutralized with white for a more dynamic impression

– Dare to choose colors is one of the keys to successful combination techniques

– Distinguish between colors for interior and exterior paint

2. Understand the Character of Each Color

Each color has a different character. This usually shows up the character of the owner.

1. White

The choice of white is the choice of the majority of people. White is considered a clean and luxurious and neutral color. Usually, the homeowner will show the color combination of furniture that adorns the area of the house to cover the white impression that is too dominant. However, the choice of white color will give the impression of stiff and cold if used too much.

2. Gray

This type of color is currently a favorite. The concept of a minimalist home often uses gray to create a broader impression. Almost the same as white, gray which is used too much as the color of the house will create a stiff and arrogant impression.

3. Black

The impressive black color of the building is sturdy and elegant. The use of black in the walls of the house turned into mystical and seemed narrow. The black color is recommended as an exterior color selection only because this dark color can create the impression of luxury if appropriate placement.

4. Pastel

The combination of pastel colors is now starting to favor a lot to decorate modern homes. Pastel colors can create a soft and flexible feel for the residents.

3. Understand the character of each room

Choosing your Home Paint Color must recognize the character of each room. Without this process, it will be impossible to find the best color for each room. The house consists of core rooms such as living room, family room, bedroom and kitchen, this type of room certainly has a different concept that requires a different color. The following are tips for choosing colors that are commensurate with your room.


Setting the color for the bedroom is largely determined by the color preferences of the owner. Some people want a bedroom filled with many colors, but some others prefer a bedroom that is plain, spacious and does not have a lot of ornamentation.

Living room

The living room is the most important in the house. Surely this room became an opening room and very often occupied by strangers and new ones who came to the mountains. Showing a beautiful living room can be done through color selection. The right color used in the living room in neutral colors like white, monochrome or pastel color combinations. The warm impression will be displayed in these colors. Avoid using dark colors like black, gray, brown, red and the like because it can cause a stiff impression.


The kitchen is a crucial part of the house. Many objects must be placed in it, making the kitchen full. Therefore the kitchen must use a choice of colors that are comfortable and give a broad, clean impression. Don’t choose a color paint that gives the impression of being narrow, dark and instead makes it dirty and uncomfortable to use.


The main bathroom is cleanliness. In addition to maintaining a clean bathroom manually, the use of the right colors also creates a hygienic impression on your bathroom. Colors like blue, green are considered to have a clean impression so that it will support the look of your bathroom.

Family room

The family room can be integrated with the dining room. This room is also important because it is a space that will be used to gather all your family members. The use of colors like beige, orange, yellow or red can be used in this room. For the dining room, some surveys say that light green or pastel is a color that can invite appetite.

4. Do not underestimate the maintenance of the wall paint

Paint that has been applied to your walls also requires maintenance.

One way is to use a foundation on the wall, with a size of 3-5 cm. This aims to keep the walls away from the humidity of the air temperature. That way, wall paint will not easily peel and fade in color. Besides, strong lighting is also recommended so that the colors that emanate become firmer and brighter. Lighting is very influential for the appearance of the walls of your home, especially for the interior. While the exterior can be supported only from the lights on the terrace or garden.

So, that’s 4 of ways to choose your Home Paint Color. Goodluck!