5 Reasons Why the Millennials Vote Will Impact the Future

Today’s generation is notorious for neglecting their right to vote. However, their voice is important as these key issues in our current election relate to their concerns, especially the ages between 18 and 30. This makes it important for the millennials to represent their vote.

Below are five reasons why the youth’s vote will impact the future.

The Millennials Account for Nearly Half the Population

As the millennials have nearly half of the voting population, the participated voters decreased by 2%. Experts believe that once the boomer generation decreases, the millennials will become the largest and most powerful group to vote in the future elections. However, not all who have the power to vote will.

Older Citizens Are More Likely to Vote

While millennials make up a large part of the population, they are less likely to vote than the older generation. In fact, in 2016, nearly 19% of millennials voted in the presidential election while 49% of older citizens played as largest electorate vote.

Every Single Vote Counts

Many people assume that their vote will not count for countless reasons. Hence, they rather choose to not waste their time to participate in the elections. Millennials are reported to not agree with other candidate, which leads them to sit out as a result.

The Younger Generation Were Affected The Most During the Great Recession

With college debt and the lack of employment, these financial times effected the youth after the Great Recession. While unemployment rates have continued to decline, millennials have found their step into the new economy with debt forgiveness, healthcare, and more.

Youth Votes Are Diverse

In today’s generation, the young voters are made up of a diverse group. They are well diverse as the millennial electorate is believed to become the first demographic group to challenge the two-party system and heighten the drive to choose alternative political parties that will represent the needs of a diverse population.


You might think that choosing to vote may not be important now, but within the next year years you might be faced with challenges. It is your time to speak up and make a choice to partake in the election.…

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4 Reasons Why Every Citizen Should Vote

The United States of America was built on the principles of guaranteeing the rights of all citizens. While the U.S. has taken decades to deliver such promises in the Constitution to both woman and people of color, today we are facing a new challenge: not enough votes.

With millions of millennials under the age of 30, it is quite shocking to ask why a majority of the youth choose not to vote. In this guide, we will discuss why it matters.

Here are four reasons why every citizen should vote.

Citizens Are What Shapes the Future of the Country

The youth must understand that what election comes today will be the next step for the future tomorrow. When we focus on high tech gadgets and fashion, failing to vote will steal our power to make informed decisions about our leaders and the law. These laws that we vote for are what leads society for decades. You will be sure that those votes will either make or break the future laws.

Voting Is Your Right

As legal citizens, it is our right to vote for issues and policies that we feeling strongly about. In other countries citizens has no right to share their voice and vote. That is why we must use our rights to vote on issues that may change our future and the next generations to come.

Voting Keeps You Engaged in Current Political Events

Starting as a young age, you will have the privilege to vote for the rest of your life. That means you must have a thorough knowledge of what are the current issues, laws, and who is leading the polls.

Not Voting Will Lose Your Right to Complain About Current Matters

When you choose not to vote, you will end up losing your privilege to complain about the undesired president elect. Choosing not to vote will automatically forfeit your right to complain as voting demonstrates the faith to fight or your political choice.


Now more than ever, it is important for the youth to vote and take advantage of their legal rights. This will create a strong future and set the precedent for the next generation.

Infographic by: www.nclr.org
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