America Coming Together (ACT) is dedicated to raising awareness in government laws and energizing the vote to achieve positive change. We are here to raise awareness on focuses issues as we are also a founding member of America Votes, which is an organization made up is 30 national unions to create and provide resources within each state.

ACT has grown to become the largest vote mobilization project in America today. With unparalleled strategy and scale, ACT has laid down the foundation for victories in the Democratic Party within 17 states. We are made up of a unique alliance to work together and defeat the policies that have caused jobs to be lost, lives wasted, denied health care, and more.

ACT currently has over thousands of volunteer and paid market researchers who work to empower the community and speak the truth about laws and policies. We work together to focus on the issues at hand and what matters most. Our ACT volunteers work hand in hand with voters to help inspire them that the best way we can improve this nation is through awareness and votes.

Our plan is to help elect positive candidates as we know there is nothing more powerful than creating change. We believe that together, we can create the largest, most effective turnout and fight against extremism.